Beginners Sign Language

Sign Language For Beginners.

sign-40441_1280From the instructor:

This is going to be a 6 week class then the first 2 classes will be a very beginners course where I will teach the alphabet and numbers, and explain the basics of signing ( like facial expressions, signing accuracy and precision etc. ) I am going to have charts and demonstrations to make things easier. When the very basics are taught we will move on to words, like I had said on the phone I like to teach through song as it makes things stick in our minds better… so starting with a simple hymn or praise song we will learn some of the words and sign with the music. I will also start teaching fluidity, emphasis more on facial expression, and learning how to not just be able to sign but to read signs back ( for some reason it is way harder for most people to read signs even if you can speak it well ). During the last 2 or so classes I will have periods where 15 minutes at a time there will be no talking and I will sign some words that we have practiced and have everyone write them down in order and see how they do with reading words and short phrases. I will try to have handouts for them to take home each week and look at so they will be able to practice throughout the week.

Please fill in the form below, there is a discount for multiple students from the same immediate family. Once you check your options the price will show. If you need to set up a payment arrangement please contact Trisha at 207-717-7619.


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