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Free HTML 101 for Kids class offered.

HTML 101 for Kids:

Basics of Web Programming

Free 14 Lesson Course starts September 08

How this class will work:  – fboys htmlrom the website.


  1. Students will log in to the web site and download a “cheat sheet” of HTML tags.
  2. Students will watch a video presentation of each component of the HTML Lesson. (Course can be self-paced, with students moving to next lesson after completing the previous)
  3. Students will use HTML tags and create/modify web pages using an online “sandbox”.
  4. Students will receive feedback from Instructor (Frazier) on web pages created and modified.
  5. Students can submit questions and issues and receive feedback from Instructor.
  6. Students’ completion of Lesson Steps will be tracked for certification.




The class will go live on Monday, September 08.  A new lesson will be available each day after that for the next 3 weeks; students can catch up and review missed lessons on their own schedule.

Students will learn:

  • Basic HTML Tags
  • Understanding of fundamentals of Web Design and Internet Pages

Visit the website to sign up and get more information. This looks like a great basic class for students 9 and up to learn the beginnings of how to design a website.


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