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What GCA Can Do For You

Helping families in the state of Maine.


Guilford Christian Academy is a private school that allows the students to be taught in their own homes by the parents.

GCA is a Recognized for Attendance Purposes Private School (RAPPS) according to the requirements of the State of Maine.


We take care of dealing with the government so you do not have to. Once your child is enrolled the parent decides on what curriculum and course of study the student follows. We communicate with the parents, assist in finding resources and provide support. Unlike conventional homeschooling, the parent does not have to pay a teacher to review their work each year, pay to have their children tested each year or go through the headaches of filling out paperwork with the Dept. of Ed. and superintendent. This allows the family to focus on education not bureaucracy. We also provide diplomas and assist families in developing transcripts in preparation for college.

  • Support
  • Field Trips
  • Fun Activities
  • Diplomas
  • Transcripts
  • Potluck Meetings
  • History and Science Fairs
  • Organize various classes (Drivers Ed, etc.)
  • Teacher Discounts
We do not require but do highly recommend becoming a member of HSLDA.


The law for Homeschooling in Maine.

The law in Maine allows homeschoolers to report using Option 2 under its guidelines, which is a non-approved private school, this is how we operate. You can view the analysis of the law from HSLDA here. Option 2 is simple, non intrusive and less work for the homeschooling family.


Expected Course of Study for GCA


In the primary grades it is expected by GCA that your commitment will be primarily on the fundamentals of academics, reading, writing and arithmetic. You should also be incorporating the preliminary studies of history, science and current events/social studies. This is taking into consideration that your primary responsibility is to raise your child in the fear and admonition of the Lord. Once your child reaches those intermediate years that the government schools call Jr. High, and on into High School your focus should shift to advanced studies. Including more in depths looks at math, science and literature and their research into social/political and economic policies and views that shape the way this world works. The government’s requirements may change over the years and we must be diligent in staying in compliance, however, our goal should always surpass any that the government lays out for us.