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Volunteer – Do you have a talent or expertise that you would like to share with others?

We are looking for people to volunteer to teach something that they enjoy whether it be a day or two or a month it is up to you.faces-426078_1280

Work with us and we will offer classes for you or your student in exchange for your time.

Please fill out the form below if you think this would be something you are interested in.

We would like to offer things of interest to homeschoolers and the community so it can be anything.

We need people to watch over the children when we have Mom’s Fellowship and it can be a capable teen for this job, we will provide games and fun things to do.

Do you make crafts? Children and adults like to make crafts.

We could really use something for the boys too, so dads, what could you offer?

  • Do you have a skill you could share with children or adults? Would you like to volunteer your time to help encourage and strengthen homeschoolers and the community? Share what you feel comfortable teaching.

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