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Workshop / Classroom and Office Space

Here it is, the future office of Guilford Christian Academy.

Office closet

The map above shows where the H&R Block business used to be. This is the location of GCA soon. Not in the H&R Block office but in that building.

As you walk in the front door, you can see it on the right of this picture,  there is a little foyer area. You can enter the workshop / classroom from that foyer as well. You can also see the closet where the curriculum and science equipment will be stored. It is a nice big storage closet.The door against the wall is going to go on the doorway to the foyer for private sessions with new and veteran homeschoolers.



The next picture shows the office space and while it has been freshly painted I will need to paint it something a little brighter because there is no windows in it. The door you see is to the next office which is vacant at the moment. I will be removing the paint from the glass on the door to allow the light to come in from that adjoining office. Once the office next door gets filled we will rethink that but for now I really would like the light. What color do you think it should be? Please comment below with your suggestions.


Office 2


In this picture you are looking into the office from the workshop /classroom area. There is a door from the workshop area to the office and then another one from the classroom to the entrance. So, the workshop / classroom area can be completely closed off from the office and the foyer for sound purposes. The layout is perfect for our needs.





And lastly this is the workshop and classroom area, the room has a nice big window over the sidewalk of down town Dover-Foxcroft. We will have a blind installed and a curtain. The heat and AC unit will be installed over the next month while we get it ready and moved in. We will leave the color as is in this room. The door on the right is the one into the office space.

We will also have a display window right down on the sidewalk outside the mall for everyone to see what we are up to.


What would you like to see for a workshop or class? Comment below. Do you need a space to hold an activity or class? We can offer the space for you to use for a small fee. We plan to get a copier/printer and a laptop for students and parents to use if they need one, come in and get online do your copying and visit.

This is going to be a hub for homeschoolers in Central Maine, we have needed this for so long and we look forward to all the visitors and activities. So, if you see the lights on even as we are getting it set up, stop in and say hello. We are upstairs in the mall by the Rt 7 and Rt 15 lights. The fourth window from the left. You can access the office by entering the door on the right of the building on the sidewalk. #66, go up the stairs and we are suite 5 on the left.

First order of business is a coffee pot! We will be looking for a small refrigerator and a microwave if anyone has one that they would be willing to donate. Printer and copier are on the list as well.

Guilford Christian Academy members will have discounts on workshops and classes whenever possible.

Happy Homeschooling!

P.S. Share our GoFundMe at www.gofundme.com/GCAMaine

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