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Learning, It’s Here!

The days of learning are about to start for most families and government schools.

Our kids are home learning while others are walking to school and getting picked up by the buses. Some may get your children up earlier some may let them sleep in, it is up to you and what works with your family.Learning
Some years we would let the children sleep until 7:30 and then get them up and start the day, it seemed like we didn’t get the bulk of it done until the buses came home in the after noon. Some years we would get them up at 6 and get the day started and then is seemed like we got so much done so early, funny how that works. The children always did better if I got them up around 6:30 and they slowly woke up and had feet on the floor by 7. They were not cranky but we still got a lot done and had plenty of time later in the day to do other stuff. I personally like to get up at 6 but did not always do that depending on what happened the night before.

So, what works for your family?

Please share your morning with us. Does getting up and starting right away work better for you? Do you do chores in the morning and then get right to learning (learning really never stops) or do you have another routine that works great for your family? What have you tried that failed? These things that you share will encourage others even the failings as you will find that many people will have done the same thing and have had it fail or they may have tweaked it a little and made it work.

Do you let your children do their learning in their pajamas or do you have a routine of being dressed when it is time? There is so much flexibility in homeschooling, embrace it and share with others your quirky, fun things that you do for your morning routine. Comment below, I look forward to seeing what you do. Happy Homeschooling!

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