To enroll your student in Guilford Christian Academy the following requirements must be met:

  • Fill out a registration form for each student, located on the Enrollment Page
  • Be sure to fill out an enrollment form for each student. Only 1 Home Education Integrity Form and Photo Release Form is needed per family.
  • Send enrollment fee of $100 per family/per school year PLUS the tuition per student, $50 per student K-8 and/or $100 per student for 9-12 with your package of paperwork. (Credit cards may be used and payment plans are available, small processing fee will be charged.)

**Please read our Services and Enrollment in its entirety (we have added new information for those that have been members). Also, view the refund page as you will have to check off that you have read it on the enrollment forms.

***I send my enrollment notifications to the Superintendents in early August, if you would like your students to be on that list please get your paperwork in by August 1st.  This is not a deadline, just a notice of when the first letters will be sent out, after that, they go out once per week. 

Once Enrolled:

The teacher’s requirement is to fill in the semester reports, once for each semester (roughly January and June) for each student. For students in high school upon completion of their work, you must also fill in the transcript form which includes final grades, credits, and a little more information needed for the end of the year.

Please note: if your child is in grades 9-12 and you wish to have transcripts made, progress reports must include subjects completed and grades. GCA does not require your child to be assessed by a licensed teacher at the end of the school year. The two progress reports and a transcript form are the only two documents we require.

** As a REPS, GCA will be responsible for meeting the requirements of the state by sending letters to your local SAD/RSU informing them that your child is an enrolled student at GCA. You will NOT send Letters of Intent or Subsequent Letters of Intent to your local superintendent or Dept. of Education. GCA will take care of all paperwork and correspondence the State of Maine requires, allowing you more freedom to concentrate on your family and their homeschooling needs.

We do offer polished diplomas from Guilford Christian Academy in a nice padded case with our school embossed seal and ribbon for $50 each plus $9 shipping, GCA official transcripts are required for a diploma.

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