Guilford Christian Academy is a wonderful resource for any family interested in homeschooling. I didn’t know where to begin when we made the decision to teach our children, but with their guidance and support we have now been homeschooling for six years—without the added stress of maneuvering through the changing laws, I might add. GCA takes care of the paperwork so that we may focus on our families.
Kathryn M.
Great option when homeschooling! The administration is very helpful and they take care of all the paperwork for you!
Mallory S.
It makes home schooling easier, A family can focus on learning. Thank you. I’m glad we chose Guilford Christian Academy.
Cindy R.
I learned about GCA back in 2004 when my oldest son was 7 and they have been my rock ever since! I’ve enrolled all 6 of my children through the years and have been truly blessed! I’ve graduated 3 children and have 3 more to go, and would not choose any other route! Whenever I needed a question answered, they were right there and no question was unimportant. And when I really needed them the most, when my oldest son’s bio. Dad tried to force him into public school (which thankfully, didn’t work!), they were incredible support and had my back every step of the way. They are like family to us and I highly recommend GCA to anyone I hear of that is interested in homeschooling!!
Bridget M
Advice and support, ease of reporting, trustworthy source of information about all things home-education-related.
Meg R.
Very helpful when we homeschooled.