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Reviewing and Recovering Credits

Past homeschool years and past public high school credits can be reviewed and applied towards your transcripts from Guilford Christian Academy. Evidence is required for recovery of previous homeschooling credits. Past college credits can be reviewed and converted to high school credits as well. For every recovered year of past credits the tuition rate applies and the student must be enrolled in Guilford Christian Academy.

Guilford Christian Academy does not require any number of credits but we do recommend that you set challenging reasonable goals for the completion of the high school years. The average of the public schools ranges from 17.5 to 22. Most students from GCA get more than that but each child is different and you as the parent or guardian need to determine what that student can reasonably complete for graduation.

Graduation must be after the registration date for the year and upon completion of the goals set by the student and the parents/guardians. The student can choose his or her graduation date.