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If you would like to have your transcript put together by us for your student you may fill in this form with details and then we will get back to you with any questions we might have.

Our fee for non-members is only $100 per student per high school year for a total of $400 for the entire 4 years of high school. We offer diplomas as well for $30 plus $6 for shipping if you are a member of GCA they will be Official GCA Diplomas if you are not a member of GCA they will be generic high school diplomas ( we can put your school name on them if you wish). Please feel free to contact us with any questions.

Transcript Form

Please use this form to show the final grades for the year for your student's transcript. Any subjects not covered leave blank, this form encompasses more than may be required for your child at their particular level. You may use video, books other than textbooks, workshops, activities and other means to teach, just note it in the appropriate section, relaxed and informal studies may be included in the additional information section or you can just add them to the appropriate section of study. A credit consists of either the completion of 75% of a text book or 120-180 hours of study. 120 hours for subjects like fine arts and electives and up 180 for sciences with labs and more advanced maths. In the grade section please put the grade they have earned for the work they completed, the grade needs to be an A, B, C, etc grade to be included in the GPA, however, some courses may only be a pass/fail and will be included in the credit count. Please use one form per child. Thank you very much. This information is confidential and will become part of the students records.
  • You will receive a confirmation and copy of this form at the email address entered here.
  • Please select a date that you anticipate the student to be graduating. This can be changed if it the student gets done early or later than the projected date.
    Please check which grade this transcript is for. You must fill out a seperate form for each grade. Thank you.
  • What materials did you use for Grammar?
  • A, B, C etc
  • What materials did you use for teaching Literature?
  • A, B, C etc.
  • What materials did you use for writing?
  • A, B, C etc.
  • What materials did you use for math?
  • A, B, C etc.
  • What materials did you use for science?
  • A, B, C etc.
  • What materials did you use for teaching history?
  • A, B, C, etc.
  • A, B, C etc.
  • What materials or activities did you use for fine arts. This will include attending plays, concerts, art exhibits and other related events.
  • A, B, C etc.
  • What materials did you use to teach health?
  • A, B, C etc.
  • What did you use to teach Bible?
  • A, B, C etc.
  • Includes American Sign Language
  • A, B, C etc.
  • What materials did you use for teaching Physical Education?
  • A, B, C etc, or Pass, Fail will work.
  • Can include Home Ec, for cooking, sewing, knitting, crocheting and other related studies.
  • A, B, C etc. If you have a variety of things for this field please list them here with the grades and a break after each.
  • Please include any test scores here to include on the transcript.
  • List other activities and accomplishments that you would like to include in their schooling. For example awards, leadership roles, jobs, etc.
  • Please include anything else that you would like the administrators to know. If you are unsure if something can be used on this transcript make a note here and we will give you a call to discuss it. Thank you.