Coming Of Age

Guilford Christian Academy is working hard to serve the families of Maine. We have updated our sight, joined many social media services and are looking forward to a new year.

We have come to know many folks over the last 12 1/2 years. We have watched families grow and our students graduate, get married or go to college, and have children of their own. What a blessing it has been.

Now that we are established and have many students graduating every year we have determined that we need to focus on streamlining a few things. To have credibility we need to be consistent with our documents that go out to colleges and government schools. We appreciate the patience and understanding that all our members have shown as we make this transition.

We now provide official transcripts and diplomas from GCA. We have put on our first graduation and it was wonderful! We had 5 graduates in attendance, Mike and Paulie Heath provided the commencement and music. Our final graduate from our home received her diplo10155331_756646634368207_8423101867106345934_nma and is getting ready to get some college under her belt.

We have been blessed with the testimony that people are sharing about what we do. Here is something from Meg Richards one of our members:

“So nice to be re-enrolling for another year! No more paperwork hassles, certified letters and return receipts to keep track of, portfolio reviews to schedule and prepare and organize materials for, and drag the littler ones along to, no more urgent sense of having to do things on a school-year schedule, because our year-round relaxed pace is reflected in the online form reporting, done in January and June. That they also offer transcript preparation services and diplomas for a modest fee for those who plan for that in advance, takes a load off my plate for the coming years. It’s nice to be able to focus on the fun stuff, which is the learning. That I can enroll the whole family for less than doing annual portfolio reviews for 2 kids, makes it even better. So glad we gave it a try!”

With our new online semester report submission getting information to us is easier that ever, one member shared that -“The online form took me about 10 minutes to fill out, and it’s pretty much up to you: you can list materials like books used, online classes taken, learning pay sites subscribed to, field trips you took, projects they did. Formal or informal learning still counts, and it’s very flexible.”

Transcripts are now available for all homeschool families for a small fee. We have sat down with many families this past year to sort out their information. Transcripts are a vital part of furthering the education of your student.

Summer is upon us here in Maine but our work does not stop. We will continue to answer questions and gather paperwork, help those that need assistance and plan for the upcoming year.

Watch for field trip announcements, classes, and events in the upcoming year. Happy Homeschooling!