Guilford Christian Academy 2015-2016

Jim and I have carried Guilford Christian Academy every year since we have started in 2002.

We have been honored to help many families over the years. The time has come when our children have now completed their schooling and we needed to make a decision on the direction of the school.

There are over 350 students that we serve this year (2015) and it would be with great uneasiness to just send them off in all directions for the assistance that we have given for over a decade.

The experiences we have had assisting hundreds of families help encourage and strengthen those that desire to educate their students at home.

Guilford Christian Academy would like to remain operating and in order to do that we need to start looking at a sustainable plan. We desire to continue doing what we have done for most of our children’s growing up. In order to keep Guilford Christian Academy operating we need to make some changes to its structure. We need to charge a fair price for the services we offer whichGuilford include reporting all students to the local superintendent in the districts that they reside, supervise all work, request previous records from public and private institutions and maintain those records while updating with current records. Being available for advice and help on a daily basis, monitoring and testifying at public hearings for legislation that will/could affect your ability to home educate and to offer field trips, classes and workshops that will enrich your child’s education are a very important part of what we do. Reclaiming credits when needed and providing transcripts and diplomas for all students, offering some discounted offers as a school and look for more every year are some options that are available as well. In order to do this effectively we need to lease an office space and pay for utilities that we have not had in the past. We have gained a lot of credibility with colleges and military accepting our diplomas and transcripts. Our prayer is that you would continue along this journey with us and allow us to continue serving your needs as a home educating family.

We would like to thank you for allowing us to be part of your lives and we look forward to many more years of assisting those families that want to education their children and enjoy that freedom.

Please remember to talk to your older children about the fact that they are private schoolers and not homeschoolers when they talk to colleges and military. It will eliminate confusion and maintain our credibility.


Jim and Trisha White

Guilford Christian Academy