Maine, Statehouse, homeschool fieldtrip

The Next Stage

We have had the pleasure of graduating many students over the last 12 1/2 years as Guilford Christian Academy. We have gone from just a graduate or two to dozens in a year. We have worked hard at making our school credible and we hold to standards that we feel are important for that credibility.

With this job comes long hours and lots and lots of paperwork. We cry tears of joy and anguish as we see students moving onto the next stage of life and those that loose life so young. We have relationships with more people than ever before and they are all over the state. We love our job!

We have seen students grow up and become wonderful young adults, caring, loving, and responsible. Their parents are proud of who they have become. These students are our future, they will become the leaders of our towns, state and country.

Over the last 5 years or so we have seen a large increase in homeschoolers and it is very exciting! So, have you been thinking about homeschooling but just don’t think you can do it? I beg to differ with you. We have families with just one parent, families with lots of young ones, families with disabled children, many, many types of families. You can do it!

I remember when I first thought about homeschooling many years ago. My oldest was in 7th grade and the two younger ones were just coming up to school age. I started to think how nice it was going to be to have two of them in school and the quiet days I would have, etc. Then I started looking into homeschooling on a whim and realized that I wanted to do this for our children (it is really not about what is good for us). I talked to my husband and he was very skeptical, it had to be a joint effort, he had to be for it or I would not do it. We are a team, right? So, he agreed with a trial period and we have not turned back.Maine, Statehouse, homeschool fieldtrip

The Next Stage of life for us was one of little monetary gain but the rewards are oh so huge. We moved to Maine on a small farm, raised some animals and lived a meager life. The children got to play in the woods and climb trees, oh and take care of the animals, it is funny how that got to be old in later years, ;). Mom and Dad were home everyday, and we took the kids with us everywhere we went. We took them to the statehouse to fight bills, we took them to meetings that we went to, we took them to the conventions that we ran, everywhere. Most of the time they enjoyed the trips and got to see friends that they saw only once a year at those meetings.

So, we enjoyed homeschooling so much and were seeing the fruits of it with our family and wanted to be an encouragement and help to those that would like to homeschool. And that was the birth of Guilford Christian Academy, we would love to see everyone homeschool but we realize that some are just not able to. The Lord has a plan for everyone and it is not the same for you and for me. We invite anyone that is interested in homeschooling whether you think you will want to be under a RAPPS or file a Letter of Intent to give us a call and talk through some of the concerns you may have. We are here to help you with the next stage.