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Graduation Guidelines

Graduation Guidelines

Please review all of the guidelines set out in this document. We may not have time to

rehearse prior to the start of the ceremony. It will help make the ceremony go smoothly

if all of these guidelines have been reviewed prior to the day of the ceremony.


Members of Guilford Christian Academy will be receiving diplomas from GCA signed by

Jim White, parents will also need to sign one side of the diploma so please find Trisha prior to the

ceremony. All non-members should plan to meet with Trisha White prior to the ceremony in order to sign

their graduate’s diploma. These must be signed prior to the ceremony.

We will be in the back of the room prior to the ceremony for signing.

The following questions should also be answered. Please use the form that has

been set up for this purpose below.

Graduation Form

  • It is easiest to correspond via email. Please include email if you have one. Thank you.
  • Please separate by commas, if there are no siblings insert NA.
  • Example: Reading, playing computer games, horseback riding. Please separate by a comma.
  • Please separate by commas.
  • Please separate with commas.
  • Any awards received, CLEP tests, AP tests, SAT scores, etc. Anything you'd like shared.
  • Name the college they will be attending or the job field they will be entering.
  • Drop files here or
    Accepted file types: jpg, gif, png, pdf.
    Please plan to upload 5-12 photos of your graduate by May 21st. Please note that not all photos may be used. This will be at the discretion of the graduation ceremony coordinates, Lisa Berry and Amy Byron. All photos should be high quality. A slide show will be shown prior to the start of the ceremony as well as at the end. The photos should include at least one head shot of the graduate (think senior photo) as well as a family photo. Other shots to include would be baby or young child photos of the graduate, the graduate engaged in hobbies or activities, or anything that helps to show who the graduate is as a person. We would like to include a handwritten thank you note from the graduate to their parents in the slide show presentation. Please write this on a 4x6 index card (the blank size) in clear, somewhat large, dark handwriting so that it will be easy to read on a projection screen. Please scan and upload here as well.

If you do not have easy access to the internet and/or a scanner, all photos, handwritten

notes, and answers to the graduation questions may be mailed to Guilford Christian Academy 64 E. Main

St. Ste A1, Dover Foxcroft, ME 04426. Original photos will be returned at the graduation

ceremony. Please mark all photos with the graduates name on the back

(lightly) or send them on a computer disk if able.

If you have not received your gown, mortarboard, and tassel prior to

the Saturday before the event, please make sure to contact us.


Graduates will need to meet in the hallway 30 minutes prior to the

start of the ceremony at 4:00 pm. They will be lined up alphabetically by last name as this is

how they will be announced for receiving their diplomas. Graduates should plan to walk

at a slow but steady pace to the front of the room. Once there, they should line up in

front of the row of chairs to their right. Once all graduates are standing in front of their

chairs and the music stops, they should sit.

Parents will be presenting the diploma to their child. You will have some time to say a

few brief statements. Please try to keep this to no more than 3-5 minutes total.

Graduation Schedule:

4:00 pm Procession of Graduates

4:05 pm Slideshow of photos and bios

4:10 pm Jim White to speak

4:15 pm Diplomas presented by parents

4:30 pm Graduation Address

4:50 pm Recessional

5:00 pm Reception

Once the keynote speaker has finished their address, all the graduates should stand

and face the audience. At this point, they will move their tassel from the right side to the

left side as a symbol of their graduation. As Mrs. Heath begins to sing, they should walk

slowly out of the room and gather at the back of the room.

Dress Code

We ask that all graduates dress accordingly. This is a formal occasion. No immodest

dress. Men should wear a light-colored shirt and tie and dress pants. Ladies should

wear a knee-length skirt or dress in a light color. No immodest dress, please. Dark colors

will show through your gown.

Please note that all graduation caps should be worn flat on the head, not tipped forward

or back. Ladies may need to use bobby pins to secure them. Gentleman, please be

sure to remove them for prayers.


At the immediate close of the ceremony, we would ask all graduates and parents to go

back to the front of the room so that photos can be taken. Photos will be taken of just

the graduate, the graduate and their parents, all the graduates together and all the

graduates with Mike & Paulie Heath and Jim & Trisha White.

There will be a cake reception after the ceremony.

Optional Displays

If you would like to put together a small table display about your graduate, we will have

space in the room for these to be displayed. The display can include a cardboard trifold with information

about the graduate’s accomplishments. Consider making the display give an overall snapshot of what the

graduate is like. Please keep display to one board or trifold.