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November Newsletter

New Office Space

I wanted to update you with a November Newsletter on some things that have been happening with Guilford Christian Academy. I tried to send it in an email and it did not work out well so I am putting it here for you all to have access to.

I have leased a new office space in Dover-Foxcroft that I will use to meet with homeschoolers and to plan classes and workshops for you. November Newsletter office pic

I have several in place at this time and will list them in the Workshop/Class section of this newsletter.

I have been working hard to get the office space ready but could still use some help and items. I am looking to the homeschool community for help with this. I will provide you with a list of needs and if you can help great! If not that is okay too. It is my desire to make this a homeschoolers hub. Come in and say hello, bring the kiddos or don’t, need help with something come on in, I will be here most days from about 9 am to 3 pm. It is best to call as sometimes things come up and I have to step out but I will try to let you know on the FB page if you are on FB.


Workshops and Classes

There are many things coming down the road but this is a list of what we have scheduled for the month of November so far, there may be more and you should check the calendar for updates.

Starting Tuesday November 4th we will hold a beginners knitting class, this class will go for 6 weeks, the week of Thanksgiving will not have a class and we will be done by Christmas. The students will be able to choose between two projects that they can make and use as gifts.

There is a limit on how many students we can take so please let me know if you have a student that would like to take this class.

Details can be found here: https://guilfordchristianacademy.com/events/event/knitting-classes/

Wednesday November 5th will start the beginners sewing class, similar to the knitting class with a smaller limit. Please bring your sewing machine. We will have a couple available if you do not have one but it is best to bNovember Newsletter picring the one you will be using. Details are here: https://guilfordchristianacademy.com/events/event/sewing/ ‎

November 10th – Turkey Table Centerpiece Craft and Story https://guilfordchristianacademy.com/events/event/thanksgiving-t…ey-craft-story/

Friday November 14th – Journal Project https://guilfordchristianacademy.com/events/event/journal-project/

Beginner Sign Language Starting November 13 at 1 pm https://guilfordchristianacademy.com/events/event/beginners-sign-language/

November 21st Game Day https://guilfordchristianacademy.com/events/event/game-day/

January 6th Tony Sohns will be coming for a one time class following the holidays. We look forward to having him monthly classes in the spring. https://guilfordchristianacademy.com/events/event/tony-sohns-bug-guy/ ‎


The workshop area is in need of folding chairs for the students to sit on. I have three tables at this time but could use another one or two 6’ folding tables. If someone knew of a business that is getting rid of a copier/printer I would be interested in taking a look at it to see if it is something that I could use. Of course finances are always appreciated and if you would like to donate please visit www.gofundme.com/gcamaine and share the link with others that would like to support the homeschool community. If you have something that you would like to share with the children please contact me. I would like to get someone to come in and do some sort of music program with the kids. I am also looking for someone to do an art session or two.

It would be real nice to have a small refrigerator and microwave so that I can bring in things from home and keep them cold or heat them up, if you know of a dorm fridge kicking around pass the word.

This space is for you to use, if you have something you would like to schedule we can make arrangements for the use of the room for a very small fee.

Thank you!

I would like to thank everyone for their support in finances, prayers and time! You all are a blessing to me, more than you know and I look forward to what this year will bring.

Happy Homeschooling.