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An Office For Spreading Our Wings!

Spreading Our Wings!

It has come to the time when we need to spread our wings a bit and start to consider an office space.

With this office space we would like to offer workshops, tutoring (using local folks in the community), classes, and a place to store curriculum and science equipment that we would rent out or loan. Bookshelves

Over the past several years our numbers have grown exponentially. We are now reporting to over 50 Superintendents and working with them to provide the best homeschooling opportunity. It takes over a month to get the enrollments completed and another month to tie up the loose ends and stragglers that come on board that first month of September. We love what we do and need space to do it more efficiently and expediently.

In order to do this we need help. We keep our fees down and do not do this for a profit. We do this because we want everyone to have the opportunity to homeschool here in Maine. We want to allow you to have the best homeschooling experience possible. With our Central Maine Expo growing as well it just makes sense to have a place to spread out and organize ourselves. An office where new homeschoolers can come to meet with us and get to talk about their needs and concerns.

So, here we are 12 years down the road and very excited about the next stage in our service to you, the homeschoolers of Maine. We look forward to working with those in our community that can also lend a hand in this great work. Homeschooling is growing by leaps and bounds and we do not see it slowing down. Some families just homeschool for a year to get through a hard time and some homeschool for the long haul. Having completed the task with our three children we now have time to really put some things together and aid those that need it. We have had so many blessings and look forward to many more with your assistance and contribution, whether it be funds, prayers or time.

Thank you all for supporting us so that we may support the HOMESCHOOLERS IN MAINE.

Happy Homeschooling.