Test or not to test.

TestShould I test my child each year?

This question has come up many times over the past 15 years. It is really an individual thing. It is not mandated for homeschooler in Maine but some use a standardized test for their form of annual assessment.

We had our children take a standardized test once during our entire time of homeschooling. When it got towards the end of their schooling we had them take a standardized test just to see if they were, at the very least, at the standard. We always shot for more than the standard, which was not very hard.

A test can serve a purpose at times.

We did not specifically teach for the test but there were some tests taken through out the years of schooling to be sure that the student understood the material, math especially had a test or two. However, everything else was mostly monitored by verbalizing with our children on what they were learning. We did not use tons of textbooks but let life be our academics. The essence of homeschooling is to be able to choose your methods, style, and materials as well as provide the best environment for your child, that can be different for everyone.

If you do choose to give your child a standardized test you can find them at Seton or Christian Liberty Press Testing Services. These CAT tests do not need to be administered by a certified teacher, they can be done at home with the parents or at a testing location. The cover reading, language, and math. (We found our students did better if they were testing with other students, the times were monitored and they were not easily distracted by things at home. ) There is also another option offered by Bob Jones University that has to be administered by a certified  teacher. Both options are great, it really depends on your needs and costs.

Guilford Christian Academy is offering testing at their location in Dover-Foxcroft on June 6th from 10-1 pm.

If you have a student that you would like to participate in this testing session please contact us so we can put them on the list. We have limited space and it will be first come first served. We can put you on a waiting list if people cancel.

The cost for the administered test and the mailings back and forth is $50 per student. Payment must be received on or before May 30th.

Photo Credit – Rachel D.