Tips for Parents on Making the Most of Your Children’s Time at Home

Tips for Parents on Making the Most
of Your Children’s Time at Home

The widespread school closures to help slow the spread of COVID-19 left many parents scrambling to figure out how to take care of their school-age children while simultaneously working from home. Many also have concerns about their children’s safety, especially if they are still working outside of the home. 

Are you and your children still feeling overwhelmed about all of these major changes? Those emotions are perfectly normal. But don’t despair — it’s possible to make the best of this unprecedented situation. Guilford Christian Academy wants to help your family grow and thrive. These resources will help you take measures to keep your children safe while ensuring they continue learning during their time at home.  

Many families are homeschooling these days; if yours is one, these tips can help. 

Do some kid-friendly container gardening projects. 

Future meteorologists will enjoy watching storms roll in right in your backyard.

Fitness is important for all ages, and some indoor exercises help kids blow off steam.

Maximize the moments when reading to your kids.

Encourage them to read with their own age-appropriate ereader.

Kids love electronics, so don’t overlook the value of well-chosen video games.

The right screen makes a difference in both enjoyment and eye strain.

Encourage them to learn life skills like cooking. 

Keep things lively with a subscription to a kid-friendly cooking club.

The kitchen can be a danger zone for kids without proper precautions.

Do some childproofing throughout your home.

Sewing is another great life skill, just teach kids how to stay safe.

Teach your kids about calling 911.

Right now, parents feel like they’re wearing several hats at once. Taking care of your children while keeping up with your professional responsibilities isn’t easy. Within these resources, you’ll find plenty of suggestions for creating a safe environment at home and ensuring that your children’s education continues. 

Guilford Christian Academy is a private school especially for homeschooling families—the best of both worlds. Call 207-717-7619 for more information!

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