Do You Have Cabin Fever?

So, it is almost the end of January, do you have cabin fever? Are you ready for spring? One of the fun things we did with our students this time of year was to take some tempura paints and paint spring on our windows? We painted flowers and butterflies etc on the windows and when spring finally got here we washed it off. Those were the days! WeHomeschooling did so many interesting things like that to keep us sane in the winter. We would sometimes take a break and just go snow shoeing, although I did not do as well as the kids at it and they sometimes had to help me get up it was fun and the fresh air was really good for us.

Some other things you can do to help with spring fever is to visit Housing a Forest. They have lots of really cool and fun things to do from Observing Ladybugs ( they seem to last all winter here in Maine ) that gives you information and crafts to do in regards to the little red and polka dotted beetle. There is much more on the site as well but I don’t want to give it all away. I will say that she has art and experiments on there that will make any day fun.

Staying active is most helpful during the winter months so get out there and build a snowman, “do you want to build a snowman”, oh sorry, just couldn’t refrain. Other winter activities that do not break the bank is snow shoeing, snow ball fights and snow forts. Go sledding, in our area we have a lot of great sledding hills, ice skating is also offered at many parks.

Visit local (and not so local here in the big state of Maine) museums and aquariums etc. There are some places that offer free days or discounted days for homeschoolers, give them a call and ask and set up a day for other homeschoolers to go with you to get a discounted rate.

Over at Ihomeschool Network there is a list of articles all on “Surviving the Winter Blahs”. I have only read a few of them, feel free to comment on some that you have peeked at.

Have a game day! There are lots of great games out there that make learning fun and break up the monotony of the winter days. Most of all have fun and enjoy this time with your children. Remember that learning is not all from a book, there are many things that can be “learned” by doing and having fun doing it.

Please comment with your cabin fever preventives. There are many that will benefit from your ideas. 🙂

Happy Homeschooling.

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  1. Hi Trisha, yes, I believe we do have cabin fever. Thanks for sharing your great ideas. My younger daughter is into crafts so I am finding projects for the older ones to participate in too. We have been doing cooking experiments and spending time outdoors sledding. It is a little harder going on field trips with a 2 year old so we need to be creative. I feel school in general is going well but there aren’t many homeschooling families in my area so that is an area that I am praying about.
    Now thank we all our God, with heart and hands and voices. Who wondrous things hath done in whom his world rejoices. Catherine Winkworth

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